A Monk’s Life

A Monk’s Life

monks life

Recently, a short poem I composed entitled The Offspring of Spring was accepted for publication in a forthcoming book called Candlelit Thoughts – A Collection of Poetry (published by Forward Poetry). The following poem has been adapted from The Offspring of Spring and is called A Monk’s Life. This four-verse poem follows a very simple format of five syllables per line and a rhyming couplet in each verse.


A Monk’s Life

Nurtured by nature
In the wild I dwell
A contented heart
But no one to tell

The heir of the air
I float on the clouds
Such freedom such bliss
No hustle no crowds

The son of the sun
Ablaze with pure light
Never ending joy
That brightens the night

The off-spring of spring
Alive and aware
Transmitting the law
Without fear or care

Ven. Edo Shonin

Further Reading

Shonin, E. (2014). The Offspring of Spring. In: Candlelit Thoughts – A Collection of Poetry. Peterborough: Forward Poetry.